Launch Date: 16 Feb 2021

Short Description

This Unit will enhance your understanding of using social media to advertise and promote brands, products and services. We will explore the function and types of advertising and promotion used within different business sector and compare and contrast social media platforms within those sectors. We will review techniques and tools for developing a social media campaign and identify and analyse a range of social media channels whilst reviewing their effectiveness as a method of communication.

Within the Unit you will develop a design brief for a social media campaign and apply project milestones for the design brief. You will then review and evaluate your design brief based on feedback. We will also explain the key national and international legislation relevant to social media advertising and marketing.

Level: Level 3 Award

Created By: Thomas E.



Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Can provide proof of legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Can provide proof of employment or self-employment
  • Work in the digital economy and/or have a digital role at work
  • Workers from SMEs are particularly encouraged

Academic Requirements
The entry requirements for our Level 3 Units include:


  • 4 GCSE qualifications at grades A* - C or 9-4 or equivalent, or
  • a Level 2 vocational qualification and a Level 2 English qualification, or
  • 1-year work’s experience in a related subject area.

Who this course is for:

This Level 3 Unit provides learners with further knowledge and insight into the field of Marketing within the digital economy. This Unit relates to roles which develop marketing strategies, plan marketing content and monitor progress.

At the end of the Unit you will be able to:

  • Understand the function of advertising and promotion within business.

  • Understand the use of social media as a method of communication.

  • Know how to plan a social media campaign.

  • Understand legislation and codes of practice relevant to social media advertising/ promotion campaigns.

This Unit is made up of 3 OCN London Credits and requires 21 study hours.

Within this Unit you will have:

  • Materials which are accessible for all learners
  • Access to flexible and self-paced learning through our online portal
  • Tutor support and contact time where needed
  • Support networks with other learners

Course Team:

Expert tuition is provided by Thomas, a highly experienced university and corporate lecturer in entrepreneurship, management and marketing. He will be able to equip you in the latest industry insight into digital marketing and industry know-how related to improving marketing efficiency and productivity. 

Offered by:

As the lead partner, LSBU brings expertise from marketing, business and computer science to the DAGILE online training.  LSBU is recognised for its employability and enterprise know-how and offers one of the largest Apprenticeship programmes in London.  This training could be a springboard to an LSBU Apprenticeship with a blue-chip company.  LSBU’s mission statement is ‘Become who you want to be’ , and These qualifications can help you do exactly that. Our European Social Fund training in digital skills and leadership can help enhance your career prospects. We’re here to banish the idea that you need a certain kind of background to succeed. To break the cycle of social inequality from one generation to the next