Launch Date: 26 Jul 2021

Short Description

App design is one of the fastest evolving fields of modern coding industries. There is native app development, web app development and bespoke device-based app development. An app is just an application but where it is to be deployed can bring in many levels of complexity.

This course is about Mobile App Design, meaning that it is focused on the experience of apps on a mobile device. You can design and test an app, which you can trial so that you can review it in a way that suits the industry you have built it for.

The course is very much focused on how to orchestrate apps and the choices that need to be made in the design process. Learners will understand how to contextualise the app for the business, the size of the project and the undertaking from a technical perspective. They will see the evolution of the app landscape and try to find where they think their skill goals fit in.

Level: Level 2 Award

Created By: Aminur Rahman



Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Can provide proof of legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Can provide proof of employment or self-employment
  • Work in the digital economy and/or have a digital role at work
  • Workers from SMEs are particularly encouraged

Academic Requirements
There are no entry requirements for our Level 1 Awards, however a good understanding of the English language and maths are essential.

Who this course is for:

This course is for learners who are new to app creation. It is recommended for people who would like to understand the app ecosystem, its evolution and modern business needs and opportunities that can be met or pursued. Learners should be able to use a grounding in app design to further their education or employment opportunities.

  • App design, user experience and interfaces
  • How to choose technologies to test an app design and review findings
  • Introduction to content management systems for apps
  • How to design additional infrastructure to facilitate an app that stores data beyond the device
  • The considerations involved for devices connecting to other devices via an app
  • How to create app analytics to better understand app usage
  • Types of app users and app marketplaces
  • How to leverage bespoke or aggregator apps for different types of businesses
  • The ecosystem of tools to ease your workload

A single Level 2 Unit from OCN London.

It has a credit value of 4.

It requires an average of 30 hours to complete.

Long Description:

App design is a fast evolving field. Manufacturers of devices are managing their own ecosystems amid a global landscape of many kinds of devices. The territory in which an app is used can also give rise to additional legal obligations. App design must take into account many facets of development, such as the array of data that apps can access (given permissions) through the components in a device. For example, to obtain an accurate location, data reconciliation must be designed into the system e.g. location via GPS, location via Wi-Fi and location via Bluetooth.

The course will introduce many concepts beyond the assessed design aspects of the course so that a foundation is built for the learner to select a path of expertise that suits their own development. Some may specialise in specific ecosystems from specific manufacturers whereas others might want to remain generic. This can be facilitated by the technologies chosen and the skills developed.

Course Team:

Expert tuition is provided by Amin, an experienced university lecturer and vocational trainer in the fields of software development and digital content production. He has a decade of experience in various software development companies and projects and now focuses his time on supporting the talent pool for businesses to hone their use of digital technology and engage with Industry 4.0. Amin can assist you with planning your own learning journey so that you can take ownership of your skills development and add value to your career.

Offered by:

Ravensbourne is an innovative, industry-focused university located on the vibrant Greenwich Peninsula. Driven by industry standards and supported by the latest high-performance technology, they produce highly employable and enterprising graduates. Their winning formula also ensures an extremely high post-graduation employment rate. In 2017, 96.4% of students were in work six months after graduating. Ravensbourne also hosts alongside its student community more than 100 creative technology businesses that utilise its leading edge technologies and media resources, and collaborate with its student body and industry partners.