Launch Date: 20 Jul 2021

Short Description

Digital Images are produced on devices from pixels or vectors. You can draw, just as you would on paper, or perhaps trace a scanned image. You could even upload a scanned image or photo then modify and manipulate it.

When you look at different jobs such as an artist, a graphic designer, or even an architect, there are some shared common skill sets. This course emphasises these transferable skills and teaches how to use them, so that you can take charge of your own creative and digital skills development for image based two-dimensional work.

Level: Level 1 Award

Created By: Aminur Rahman



Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Can provide proof of legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Can provide proof of employment or self-employment
  • Work in the digital economy and/or have a digital role at work
  • Workers from SMEs are particularly encouraged

Academic Requirements
There are no entry requirements for our Level 1 Units, however a good understanding of the English language and maths are essential.

Who this course is for:

This course is for learners who know that they want the skills to produce digital images and use these skills in their work. If you want to know the initials stages of working with vector art or photos, and go on to learning techniques to complete and publish your work, this course is a great way to get started.

  • Mediums to collate ideas and organise your creative thoughts
  • Platforms that enable effective feedback on your work to inform your design
  • How to use different types of creative software for different purposes
  • A sub set of design outputs that are commonly needed in business, such as vector icons
  • How to handle real world imagery and photos in your work
  • The file formats for digital imagery and the impact on your work process
  • Language and terminology that is very important for communicating with other digital image professionals
  • How to formulate and pitch your ideas before pursuing the time investment they may require
  • How to prototype your ideas for faster research around the target audience
  • How to leverage stock artwork for speeding up your workflow

A single Level 1 Unit from OCN London.

It has a credit value of 3.

It requires an average of 30 hours to complete.

Long Description:

As exemplified by the entertainment industry, most things in the imagination can be created and displayed through a strong command of creative digital skills.

Imagery for business is often guided by human psychology, design philosophies and industry best practices. Organisations build their reputation also by monitoring how their work is received and perceived by their audiences, as well as the impact that it has on the business objectives that they set out to serve.

You will become comfortable with the words and terminology that underpin your learning. You will see that you can practise the areas of skill you want to develop and you can set your own targets.

Modern advancements in technologies, software and computing power, have increasingly made certain types of time-consuming tasks much faster to complete. The tools that you use might automate certain aspects of your work too. Imagine if you had missed these updates and were still doing things the old fashioned way? The fact that you work slowly or slower, would then reflect in the longer time that you estimate for getting work done for example. For this reason, we also cover in the course the effort required to sustain a career in this sector.

Course Team:

Expert tuition is provided by Amin, an experienced university lecturer and vocational trainer in the fields of software development and digital content production. He has previously run a design and development consultancy for early stage companies, and has closely worked on design projects in his career around branding and content publishing. He now focuses his time on delivering state-of-the-art education directly into the business talent pool. Amin can assist you with planning your own learning journey so that you can take ownership of your skills development and add value to your career.