Launch Date: 23 May 2021

Short Description

The OCNLR Entry Level Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Speaking and Listening) comprises one unit in Speaking and Listening at Entry 3 (12 credits). This unit offer learners the opportunity to develop their communication skills, and can help them to gain work or progress to further study. 

The Speaking and Listening units each require learners to obtain and convey information via non-written communication in the medium of English. This unit is designed to improve your knowledge and skills in speaking, grammar and vocabulary and listening. The primary purpose of this qualification is to improve and practice your basic communication skills and you will be expected to speak clearly to be heard and understood using appropiate clarity, speed and phrasing, as well as listen for and follow the gist of explanations, instructions and narratives in different contexts. 


Created By: Daniel Gonzalez



Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Can provide proof of legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Can provide proof of employment or self-employment

Who this course is for:

Entry Level Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Speaking and Listening) is a flexible unit and may be taken by any speaker of English as a second language who wish to improve their communication skills, knowledge and understanding.

Learners enrolled in this course should learn to:

-use clarity and speed to be understood. 

-use formal or informal language in appropiate situations and contexts. 

-ask questions and understand answers both in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

-express opinions, facts and make relevant contributions to discussions that are related to a main subject.

-listen for gist and for detail in different contexts. 

-use strategies of natural communication and body language to be understood.

-identify key words and information from large narratives to respond to questions requesting specific information. 

Long Description:

The purpose of this qualification is to facilitate language development to help people:

-gain or progress within meaningful and sustainable employment;

-develop skills that support engagement in daily life activities;

-develop further independence;

-feel part of and connected to wider society;

-build confidence in socialising with others in different contexts;

-access services and benefits.

Course Team:

Daniel Gonzalez