Upskilling London Community Businesses – Closing the Digital Skills Gap

02 Feb 2021 Sandra Turner 0 Leadership and Management

On Tuesday 26th January 2021, we hosted our first online event for London community businesses. The event, Upskilling London Community Businesses – Closing the Digital Skills Gap, presented an opportunity for a wide range of representatives from over 30 London businesses to hear about how DAGILE could support their staff’s development needs.

Attendees heard from Chris Neath, Venue Manager from Upper Norwood Library Hub, talk about the library’s digital transformation in response to the pandemic with Stephen Miller, Head of Impact Evaluation from charity trust Power to Change.

Chris discussed how Covid-19 has changed the way they will work for good. Doing things digitally will stay with all businesses even when things return to some form of normality. The Upper Norwood Library’s digital transformation has enabled them to reach out to new demographics and community groups to provide a wide range of services as we live through lockdown and the restrictions on group activities.

Our event was attended by businesses and employers that operate in marketing, retail, health services, education and not-for-profits. Attendees heard how DAGILE will provide online training to employees in number of subject areas related to the digital economy, and how the project is part funded through the European Social Funded, so our training is free for learners until August 2022.

It was a delight to see such interest and genuine engagement from all participants.

With London businesses central to the digital economy, digital skills are vital to productivity across the capital. With the Covid-19 pandemic drastically shifting our daily operations and deliverables online, a number of businesses still need training support to upskilled their staff to respond to this change. From remote working to online collaborations, an excess of data and digital communication on multiple channels and learning new platforms to facilitate your business operations – our working lives are very different to how they were 10-months ago.

In the current environment, DAGILE is here to help individual learners, or volumes of learner from across different business functions, to:

  • improve their digital skills in a number of key areas
  • study flexibly, at their own pace 24/7 to combine work, study and caring responsibilities
  • gain OCN accredited qualifications, designed to support workplace progression
  • invest in their continued professional development at no cost
  • access support from experienced lecturers from London South Bank University and Ravensbourne University London

Our portfolio of qualifications and certificates cover the following areas:


Sandra Turner, DAGILE Project Manager advised ‘A good tip for choosing the best course for you and your company is to have a team discussion about the most pressing business needs. Then you can identify which employees are best positioned to undertake the different Units. Because we have no restrictions on how many employees can participate in learning with DAGILE from the same business, we hope all London community businesses will make the most of our free training.’

So, whether you are an individual learner, or a business leader looking to refer a number of staff onto a wide range of our Units, do take time to read the information we have uploaded on or contact us if you have any questions

Remember, there is something for everyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining DAGILE so we look forward to welcoming you as our learners!

BY: Sandra Turner

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