National Careers Week - Looking for a change?

03 Mar 2021 Reyzel Pondoc 0 Leadership and Management

This week is National Careers Week, a celebration of positive change in careers through education. 
Many have stayed by their lifelong careers since they have left education, but some find themselves changing paths further down the line. About 65%-68% of 18-34 year-olds are most likely to want a career change. A factor contributing to a career change is earnings. The median of hourly earnings growth in 2018 for job changers was 7.3% compared to 3% for job stayers. However, job stayers on average earn a higher hourly wage compared to job changers, due to skills and experience gained within the roles. But risking a career change does not mean you miss out on growth; job changers experience higher pay growth. So it comes as no surprise that the motives of career change can be attributed to earnings. But some career changes can also be attributed to a change of pace. A full-time lawyer might find themselves desiring a change to be able to have more downtime. Self-awareness is also a key factor in making a big decision about a career change. 
There is nothing wrong with staying in the same career either; for some, it can provide financial security in a stable job, especially for people with families and mortgages to pay. While there are benefits to both schools of thought, the one factor that it boils down to is happiness in your job. An unhappy workforce can translate to lower productivity and output. But whether you are looking to change careers or to move on up in your current position, learning and upskilling is a great benefit in finding the next step in your career. 
National Careers Week encourages opportunities for training and other career opportunities by empowering organisations. We are experiencing growth at a much faster pace; from automation of manufacturing to modern smart technology, the world is going through a digital industrial revolution. And the need to learn is endless for everyone that is either looking to change or move up in their careers.
We believe in the aims of National Careers Week especially for SMEs in London that are looking to boost the skills or open up other career opportunities for their workforce. We work with businesses to provide accredited-training for businesses that want to adapt their workforce to the digital revolution at a no-cost to them. 

Next week, on the 11th of March at 10 AM, we are hosting an online event on Zoom that focuses on boosting the online presence of London-based SMEs by providing free skills training to their workforce. 

If you are interested in the online event, please book your ticket now:

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BY: Reyzel Pondoc

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