National Apprenticeship Week - a week dedicated to 'on the job' training

15 Feb 2021 European Social Fund Admin 0 Leadership and Management

This week is National Apprenticeship Week - a week dedicated to 'on the job' training. Apprenticeships have evolved since the beginning, with over 170 industries providing various apprenticeship training schemes from aerospace to fashion. It combines study with hands-on experience that leads to degree-level qualifications.

Up to 58% of apprentices are between the ages of 16-24; a group that has been severely affected by furlough and redundancies during this pandemic. This decline in employment mimics the 2008 financial crisis, leaving University students in their final year with at a dire job market to enter.

The government recently has launched a kickstart scheme that provides funding for creating job placements for 16-24-year-olds on Universal Credit, a group that is vulnerable to long-term unemployment. This means employers can apply for funding to cover 100% of the minimum wage for a young person for 25 hours per week. This provides the opportunity to provide on the job training for young people and improve employability in the future.

This scheme could bring work training and skills to young people looking to start a new career or go back into work after redundancies. With youth unemployment potentially rising to 2.6 million by mid-2021, this is the best chance in alleviating this employability crisis.

However, the funding for this scheme ends in December of 2021.
But this is not the only scheme out there that is currently looking to provide training to young people. DAGILE is available to anyone that is currently in furlough, within London until 2022. Along with preparing people for the digital economy, it is also improving the employability of anyone looking to upskill in areas like Creative Digital, Digital & IT Skills, Marketing and Business Leadership.


If taking on a new role through the Kickstart Scheme is not the right path for you, you can always take advantage of the free upskilling opportunities out there.
Employers can take advantage of DAGILE by presenting the opportunity to their workforce internally, letting them take advantage of their free time in furlough by providing opportunities to upskill.


DAGILE can also open up opportunities to consider switch careers. If you are looking for your next career step but do not know where to start, DAGILE can help you align your interests into flexible training available online.

Register your interest now for this opportunity and boost yourself to stand out in these challenging times. Visit for more information.  


BY: European Social Fund Admin

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