Digital Skills Shortage in the UK

15 Apr 2021 Reyzel Pondoc 0 Digital and IT Skills

In a recent news report on the BBC, a study conducted by the Learning and Work Insitute suggests that the UK is heading for a Digital Skills Shortage as the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE has dropped 40% since 2015. The pandemic has made it more apparent that digital skills are vital in economic recovery.


The Learning and Work Institute also surveyed employers and they found that 70% of young people expect employers to provide on the job digital skills training - however, they found that only half of employers that were surveyed can provide training. 


The report also suggests four reasons for the digital skill shortages in the country; a lack of clearly defined job roles in certain fields, a lack of understanding and guidance about potential career paths, a lack of relatable role models, and a difficulty in making many technical professions seem appealing to young people. 


However, if you are an employer and looking to provide skills training at a no-cost, you can rely on Dagile. We have courses in Digital and IT Skills and Creative Digital. 

Courses are available in 3 levels, ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels all accredited by OCN. 


Our Digital and IT Skills covers three levels of skills sets:



  • Big Data
  • Big Data and Cyber Security
  • Introduction to Cyber Security


  • Database with SQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • Website & Database Development


  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Programming Methods


Our Creative Digital Courses currently covers two levels with a few more courses in the pipeline coming soon:



  • Introduction to Websites
  • UX/UI Design


  • App Development
  • Building Websites


Aside from being a no-cost training to businesses, learners can benefit from the training that is created by Ravensbourne University and London South Bank University. Businesses can benefit from the new skills their workforce will gain and fill in any skills gaps in their organisations. Self-employed workers also qualify for our skills training. We are also working with organisations that are currently employing workers through the Kickstart Scheme, enabling new starters with not only a job but an upskilling opportunity. 


To get started, get in touch with our Business Advisor, Andrew Boarer, ( to find out how you can give your business a boost. 






BY: Reyzel Pondoc

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