Digital Learning Day - Is Digital Learning The New Norm?

24 Feb 2021 Reyzel Pondoc 0 Digital Marketing

In recent years, digital learning has provided flexibility for individuals that are working part-time or full-time to balance out their upskilling needs at their own pace. In 2020, we have seen digital learning evolve to a bigger scale. Whether it is schoolchildren, or even to a degree-level education, our way of learning has moved onto more accessible platforms online.

Along with accessibility, the variety of courses have evolved in recent years. Courses vary from gardening, art, coding, digital media creation, and web development, the choice of courses out there is endless and some even result in an accredited qualification. Digital platforms have made it even possible to get an undergraduate degree from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

The reliance on Digital Learning in 2020 has proven to us that it is here to stay for the foreseeable. The government has launched a scheme in 2020 to boost remote learning and close the digital gap by pledging laptops and tablets to disadvantage youths. There is a move towards this shift being permanent in the future, perhaps even a blended model that integrates online learning with the occasionally required attendance in the classroom. Either way, remote and digital learning has made its presence known to all of us.

But what if you feel that you are falling behind in digital progress? Have you ever felt the need to change your career to adapt to the current climate? Or do you want to give your workforce the skills boost they need while they are on furlough?

DAGILE has been working to provide FREE courses to everyone in London that is on furlough or looking to change their career path. We feel that in the ever-evolving digital economy, no one should be left behind in their skillset. Especially during this covid-induced economic downturn, we want to open further possibilities for individuals to unleash their full potential via our partly ESF-funded courses. We celebrate the idea of digital learning from the start, and now we want everyone in London to take part.

On the 11th of March, at 10 am, we invite you to our FREE online event that will benefit SMEs boost their online presence and their digital marketing. This will give you the chance to speak to our lecturers, learn about our other courses, and get a better understanding of the importance of boosting online presence for a post-covid economic recovery.

Book your free ticket to our event below and we hope to see you there:

BY: Reyzel Pondoc

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