Each year, the European Social Fund (ESF) helps millions of Europeans improve their lives by learning new skills and finding better jobs.

It is with the support of ESF that the Dagile Project is able to offer online digital and leadership skills training to 1500 individual work-based learners living or working in London. 

The training is accredited and it is organised by 4 different pathways: 1) Digital Marketing 2) Leadership & Management 3) IT & Digital Skills 4) Creative Digital

These are accredited by OCN from Levels 1 to 3. Learners can take a full Award, or a Unit or combination of specific Units and online allows flexibility training.  Basic Skills E3 in Maths, English/ESOL are offered.

The overarching aim of the project is facilitate progression in work, which may include for instance a better salary or accessing an apprenticeship.

The online skills training also aims to support overall business growth through investment in workforce professional development and fill digital and leadership skills gaps within organisations.

London based employers are encouraged to engage with the accredited online digital skills training.  The training is to fill a critical digital skills gap in London, which has been brought into sharp focus with the shift to remote working. 

By upskilling staff, employers are developing talent and their staff will be able to take more responsibility, be more committed and productive.

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